About AVA Festivals

Festivals offer an opportunity for your child to connect with other singers across our great state and grow exponentially in experience and expertise with the choral arts. The Alabama Vocal Association is committed to providing excellent learning and performing experiences for choral students.

Registration for AVA Festivals must be completed by your child’s choral director and approved by your school principal.

State Festivals

All-State Choral Festival is a three-day event that culminates in a professionally recorded concert. Students are selected by audition for All-State Choirs in the fall of each year. The festival is held the following spring.

All-State Show Choir is a showcase performance ensemble for the annual Alabama Music Educators Conference. It consists of a group of approximately 60 students who are selected from a vocal and dance audition. The show choir rehearses with a vocal coach and choreographer for three days during the AMEA conference and performs their show in an AMEA Saturday performance venue. The ASSC also performs for the opening ceremonies of the All-State Festival.

State Choral Performance Assessment is offered each year in the spring for choirs that have 17 or more members. All choirs perform from memory two repertoire selections in a public performance for three judges and sight-read for one judge in a closed setting. Directors may choose any of the State Choral Performance Assessment sites, and may register for more than one site if they wish.

Solo & Ensemble Festival is offered in each district in the spring, and in some districts in the fall for soloists and choral ensembles that have 2-16 singers. Soloists and ensembles perform unconducted, from memory, two selections for one judge in a closed setting. There is no sight-reading at State Solo & Ensemble Assessment. Directors may choose any of the State Solo & Ensemble Performance Assessment sites, and may register for more than one site if they wish. Your child’s director will provide you with information about rules and regulations for participation.

Honor Choir Festival is a venue at the AMEA Conference during even-numbered years (i.e., January 2012, 2014, etc.). Choral directors choose one or two quartets (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) from their best students in grades 10-12. Candidates are screened in each district on the Honor Choir music and, if selected for Honor Choir, rehearse and perform during the AMEA Conference. (MORE…)

Scholarship Auditions

Outstanding Choral Student auditions are held first in each district to select a male and a female winner who then competes at the state level to be selected as State Outstanding Male or Outstanding Female Choral Student. All candidates prepare a resumé and a vocal solo, and are interviewed after performing at both levels. All district and state OCS winners are honored at the All-State Concert, and the State Male and Female OCS winners perform at the
All-State Concert. OCS winners receive scholarships.

Outstanding Accompanist auditions are held to recognize those students who contribute significantly to the choral programs of the state with outstanding choral accompanying. District winners are first chosen for each of the five All-State choirs. Only one state winner is chosen from the district winners. The State OA winner accompanies the singing of the Alabama State Song at the All-State concerts. All District and State OA winners are honored at the All-State Concert.

Music Education Scholarship is to recognize and provide scholarship support for one outstanding choral student per year from Alabama who is entering the field of choral music education. To be considered for the ME Scholarship a student must be a senior enrolled in a high school choral program, maintain a minimum of a C average and have plans to enter the field of Music Education.


FAME (Future Alabama Music Educators) is a one-day seminar sponsored by AMEA and held in conjunction with the January AMEA Inservice Conference. This seminar is for 11th and 12th grade high school students who have an interest in pursuing a music education career to meet and interact with current music educators.

Honoring Educators

Frances P. Moss Awardfrancesmoss is reserved for honoring those choral teachers who have dedicated themselves to a lifetime of teaching the choral art to students in Alabama with the same vision, dedication, and tireless effort that characterized the career of Frances P. Moss.