About Industry/Institutional Membership

You are cordially invited to become an industry/institutional member of the Alabama Music Educators Association. AMEA is a non-profit organization that provides in-service opportunities for its members and educational opportunities for the music students in our state. Active members include music educators at public and private K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and private music teachers. AMEA’s membership also includes college students preparing for careers in music education and retired members.

Industry/institutional members assist in maintaining an open communication between AMEA active members and music dealers, educational institutions, musical organizations, clubs, other supportive groups and individuals having an involved interest in music education.

Becoming an industry/institutional member gives all the rights and privileges of active members except the right to vote or hold office.

Industry/institutional members are regarded by AMEA’s Board and membership as an elite group that extends beyond their businesses and services by being partners with the music education professionals who in turn support and patronize them. This is an opportunity to add YOUR name to the rolls as an industry member. AMEA’s membership year runs from July 1 through June 30.

An annual industry/institutional membership in AMEA can be purchased for $175 and is valid immediately upon receipt of the completed registration form. Membership Year: July 1 – June 30

An AMEA industry/institutional membership will provide you with…

Membership in the largest music education organization in the state.

A subscription to Ala Breve, the official publication of the Alabama Music Educators Association.

 Recognition as an AMEA industry partner on the home page of the AMEA website with a link to your company website. 

An ex-officio position on the AMEA Governing Board to act as a liaison between the music industry and the regular membership.

Recognition as an industry member in each issue of the Ala Breve and a link to your company website in the on-line versions.

 A regular column in the Ala Breve highlighting news from industry members such as new hirings, products, etc.

Membership mailing list – (upon request) name and school address – (csv or excel format).

Membership mailing list – (upon request) name and school address – (csv or excel format).

 10% discount on advertising in Ala Breve. 

10% discount for exhibiting at the AMEA Conference. 

Recognition as an industry member in the conference program. 20% discount on advertising in the conference program if you are a member who also exhibits at the conference.

Industry/Institutional Membership
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