AMEA Registrar: From the Registrar

From the Registrar

It is not too early to be thinking about our AMEA Conference in January, 2022. We will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of AMEA. Just remember, you must join NAfME, and you should pre-register if possible. A healthy organization is always concerned with growth and development, and the AMEA board is interested in growing our organization, and for getting all music teachers in Alabama involved in professional development through AMEA and NAfME. You can help increase our membership by communicating the benefits of membership to our colleagues. When you are joining or renewing your membership, think of those music teachers in your area that may not be active members, and send them a message inviting them to join! You could send an email with their contact information to me at treasurer_registrar and I will invite them!

Remember to: Remind your colleagues to join, include the new music teachers, invite the inactive music teachers and be involved as a mentor to the young music teachers.

Renew your membership now at . Membership in NAfME is required for participation in state MEA sponsored events like the AMEA Conference, the Elementary Division Fall Conference, All- state and Musical Performance Assessments. Joining NAfME secures your membership in AMEA and in your division.

Register now for the 2022 AMEA conference online at You will find it is easy and will save you time and money. Reunite with friends and colleagues from all over the state in January. Rejuvenate your energy, renew your enthusiasm, and join us as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of AMEA!

Pat Stegall