Distinguished Service Award

  • Awarded to a person "who has clearly given very special service to AMEA or to the goals and purposes of AMEA." The recipient is "clearly recognizable statewide, and the service for which the award is given represents a long range commitment that, in every way, can be considered extraordinary and distinguished." The person has given tirelessly and selflessly to the cause of music education in Alabama and this person"s service would be greatly missed. Forms must be received by July 15.. The presentation of the award is scheduled for the AMEA Professional Development Conference in January.
  • Qualifications: 1. Nominee must have served the cause of music education in Alabama. 2. Nomination must be made by a current member of AMEA.
  • The nomination should be accompanied by a list of specific actions which have initiated, supported and/or enhanced music education in Alabama (submit below).
  • In addition, three (3) letters of recommendation from school personnel, community leaders and/or parents should be attached to this submission (see below).
  • Nominee

  • Nominator