AVA: President’s Address | September 2021

President’s Address | September 2021


I enjoyed seeing and catching up with so many of you at our Fall Workshop September 10. Thank you to University of Montevallo and Dr. Melinda Doyle, Director of Choral Activities for being such welcoming hosts. Thank you to all presenters and facilitators who made our day one of learning, refueling, and collaborating. At the general membership meeting, we voted on clearer AVA Handbook wording (no policies were changed) that states that participation in All State Show Choir meets the All State requirement for OCS eligibility. We also voted on wording that clarifies that District Chairs ask adjudicators to confer in the situation of abnormal ratings splits at SCPA. Please visit the website to read the adopted Handbook revisions as well as the minutes of the meeting. While you are visiting the website, be sure to check out the newly typeset AVA Handbook. Thank you to Margaret Heron for tacking this huge task. We hope this document will be more user friendly moving forward.

All-State Auditions are October 31-November 9. We are planning to hold these auditions in person in several sites throughout the state. However, contingency plans are in the works should we need to move auditions to a virtual format.

All-State Show Choir Auditions will be recorded and submitted via Google Classroom. Teachers will receive the appropriate Google Classroom code once the audition submission window opens. Students will upload videos of both their singing and dance auditions. Step-by-step instructions will be provided shortly after registration closes. Thank you to Cam Weiler for serving as All-State Show Choir Coordinator.

Honor Choir Screenings will also be recorded and submitted via Google Classroom. This year’s Honor Choir will be an a cappella jazz choir. Thank you to Hilen Wilson for serving as Honor Choir Coordinator.

The 2022 AMEA Conference will be January 20-22 at Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex. Along with performances by exemplary choral ensembles from around our state and highly acclaimed presenters, we will also have All State Show Choir and Honor Choir at this conference. The AMEA conference promises to be an event you will not want to miss.

All State Festival will be March 10-12 at Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.

State Choral Performance Assessment and Solo and Ensemble Assessment are scheduled in person in each district in the spring.

Warm Regards,


AVA: Highlights of the Coming Year



I hope you have had a great summer break and are refreshed and ready for a new and exciting new year. I’m sure we all look forward to reconnecting with our students and colleagues. Your AVA board had a productive summer board meeting and work session in June. We planned for all our AVA events to look more normal this year. Some highlights of the exciting AVA offerings for the year are below (please check myamea.org/ava for the most updated calendar):

Fall Workshop will be on September 10. Our keynote speaker is Jaclyn Normandie-Johnson, author of The Mindful Musician: Finding a Healthy Balance, lecturer, choral clinician, and Wellness Life Coach. There will also be reading sessions, and other professional development interest sessions led by our colleagues from around the state.

All-State Auditions will be face to face rather than virtual this year. We will continue to explore the possibility of virtual auditions in the future.

All-State Show Choir Auditions will be virtual again this year.

AMEA Conference will be in Birmingham January 20-22, 2022. Please plan to attend this professional development opportunity. There will be sessions for Elementary, Middle, and High School Teachers, and performances by some outstanding Alabama choruses. All-State Show Choir and Alabama Honor choir will also be a part of the conference.

All-State Show Choir will be January 20-22 at the AMEA conference. Auditions will be virtual.

Honor Choir will be January 20-22 at the AMEA conference. Honor Choir is open to students in grades 9- 12. This year’s Honor Choir will be a contemporary/vocal jazz choir. Information regarding screenings in each district will be available soon.

All-State will be March 10-12 in Birmingham.

State Choral Performance Assessments as well as Solo and Ensemble Adjudications will be held in person in each district.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to renew your NAfME membership so you and your students are eligible to take full advantage of AVA offerings.

I am pleased to announce that Meg Jones has been hired as the Executive Secretary, and Jim Schaeffer has been hired as the Webmaster. They had both been serving in these positions as interim employees. I thank them both for their willingness to continue to serve our vocal association.

Wishing you the best as you begin your school year,



AVA: Updates


AVA Updates

The school year 2020-2021 will definitely be one we remember. I hope that someday we can all reflect on this year and realize how teaching in these adverse conditions has actually made us more innovative and creative problem solvers. I am amazed when I hear about the classroom activities music educators have devised and the originality that has allowed students to make music. I look forward to hearing more and celebrating your successes with you at an upcoming round table discussion.

Thank you to all the members of Alabama Vocal Association for your flexibility and grace as we all navigated together the uncharted territory known as teaching during a pandemic. We survived the virtual Fall Workshop, online All-State auditions, Solo and Ensemble, and SCPA; and were finally able to actually make music together at our abbreviated All-State festival. Congratulations to all the district and state winners of the Pat Blackwell Music Education Award, Outstanding Accompanist, and Outstanding Choral Student Awards. A highlight of our All-State festival was the presentation of the Frances P. Moss award to Dr. Carl Davis by Dr. Moss herself. Your AVA Board has spent countless hours listening, planning, and sometimes re-planning events that were meaningful and educational for your students. Hopefully, 2021-2022 will look more like a typical year. At the upcoming summer board meeting we will unpack what we learned from this year so we can plan for the coming year. If you have items that you would like the board to consider, please reach out to your District Chair.

Fall Workshop will be Friday, September 10. Our guest clinician will be Dr. Jaclyn Normandie, our high school All-State SSAA clinician, choral music educator, yoga instructor, and life coach. We will also have reading sessions, round-table discussions, and will preview the All-State music.

AMEA professional development conference will be January 20-22 in Birmingham. The deadline to submit session proposals and recordings for performances is June 1.

All-State will be March 10-12 in Birmingham. Auditions for All-State will be late October to early November.

I hope that you can take some time during summer break to take care of yourself; enjoy some downtime. This year has taken quite a toll on our students, but it has also been taxing for educators. If we have depleted our mental and creative resources, our students won’t get our best – the students deserve our best.

I look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you at Fall Workshop. As always, if you can think of ways your board or I can better serve you, please reach out.

Enjoy your summer,


AVA: Updates


It was great to see and visit with many of you virtually at the AMEA Winter Conference in January. Congratulations to choruses from Hewitt-Trussville Middle School, directed by Ben Cook, and Spain Park High School, directed by Jim Schaeffer for presenting inspiring performances during the conference.
Your AVA Board has approved modifications to our events for spring semester. I appreciate all the work the board has done to make sure students and teachers across the state have the best possible choral experiences in these uncertain times. I also appreciate the emails, messages, and calls from several AVA members offering help, locating venues, and finding creative ways to move forward. I am truly humbled to serve a community of such caring professionals.

We looked at several venues and dates, and determined that the best option is April 26 and 27 at Von Braun Center in Huntsville. I know this is the same week, but not the same dates as All-State Show Choir, and I apologize for scheduling these events so close together. Our clinicians are Dr. Brady Allred, High School SATB; Dr. Jami Rhodes, High School SSAA; Victor Johnson, Middle School Mixed; and Dr. P. Phillip Shoultz, III, Middle School Treble.
Rehearsal time will be limited with this schedule, but hopefully, even those who are traveling the longest distances will be able to travel without incurring the expense of a hotel. For this year only, there will be no penalty to students who were selected for All-State but do not register. The concert will be live-streamed and we may need to limit the number of people in the audience because of physical distancing requirements. When we get guidelines from the venue, we will send an update to directors.

Students who were selected for TTBB chorus and who want to perform with the SATB chorus will need to submit recordings through Google Classroom. Directors will need to include these students in their SATB registrations. Refund of registration fees will be issued to the school for any TTBB student who registers but does not pass the proficiency. Meg Jones will set up the screening and will send the invitations.
The deadline to register students for All-State was January 27. If you have registered, but have not received conformation/invoice, please reach out to our Webmaster, Jim Schaeffer. Payment is due by March 15 for the exact number of students registered.
There will be a virtual general membership meeting during All-State week.

All-State Show Choir
This event will be April 28-30 at Enterprise High School. The final concert will be live-streamed at 8 PM April 30. Thanks to Cameron Weiler for serving as the All-State Show Choir Coordinator. Our clinicians are Mark Myers and Shane Coe.

OCS auditions and interviews are usually held the day before All-State and are adjudicated by District Chairs. This year, student resumes and recorded performances are due by March 3. Students will submit these items through Google Classroom. A schedule for virtual interviews will be sent to the students and their directors.

OA auditions and interviews are also usually held the day before All-State and are adjudicated by members of the Executive Board. This year, student resumes and recorded performances are due by March 3. Students will submit these items through Google Classroom. A schedule for virtual interviews will be sent to the students and their directors.

ME interviews are usually held the evening before AMEA conference in January. This year, these interviews will be later in the year. Student resumes are due by March 3. Students will submit these items through Google Classroom. A schedule for virtual interviews will be sent to the students and their directors.

SCPA will be virtual this year. Directors may record two selections and submit them through Google Classroom. There will be no sight-reading component this year. Because many schools have restrictions on who may enter their facilities while students are present, recorded accompaniments may be used this year only. Once directors complete registration—with payment, they will be invited to submit their recordings through Google Classroom.

Important dates to know for SCPA 2021:
February 1 Online registration opens
March 4 Deadline for registration with payment
April 15 Deadline for directors to submit recordings for adjudication Solo and Ensemble.

Solo and Ensemble will also be virtual this year. The submission process for this event will be similar to All-State auditions. Recorded accompaniments may be used this year only. Directors will complete registrations for each soloist or ensemble. Once registration (including payment) is complete, students will be invited to submit their recordings through Google Classroom.

To help simplify the calendar, due dates for Solo and Ensemble follow those of SCPA:

February 1 Online registration opens
March 4 Deadline for registration with payment April 15 Deadline to submit recordings

AVA Executive Board Positions Open
Carl Davis has resigned from his position as Executive Secretary. We will certainly miss Carl, but his responsibilities in his new career in the medical field are demanding his time and energies. He has assured us that he will help with the transition of his replacement. Because the responsibilities of this position are so vital to the operation of our organization, and because Meg Jones is already familiar with most of those responsibilities, I have asked her to serve as interim Executive Secretary. Of course, that will leave our Vice President position vacant. I am working on filling that position now. We will post the Executive Secretary and the Webmaster jobs this spring; we need those positions officially filled well in advance of our summer board meeting so both people can attend the meeting.

As always, your board and I welcome your feedback. Please reach out to your district chair or me whenever we can help you meet the needs of your students.

Warm regards,


AVA: Updates


It was good to see many of you at our virtual Fall Workshop in September. Thank you to Meg Jones, Hilen Wilson, Cameron Weiler, Chris Brown, and all who presented sessions. A special thanks to Jim Schaeffer, our interim webmaster for facilitating the online format for the workshop. At the general membership meeting, we voted on the wording in the AVA Handbook, which we feel clarifies the fact that directors are the experts who should decide the best voice parts for their students regardless of the students’ genders; there were no policy changes. Please visit the website to read the adopted Handbook revisions as well as the minutes of the meeting. Recordings of the sessions will be available on the website through October 11. We expect the newly revised AVA Handbook to be available online soon.

All-State Auditions are November 2-10. We will invite each registered student to join a Google Classroom through which we can communicate instructions with the student and accept recordings of their auditions. We will also send information to teachers through email. Please refer to the website for the official All-State repertoire lists, as there has been some confusion about All-State repertoire. Check your email on October 3 for a preliminary announcement as to how we plan to proceed with auditions based on the numbers of students who registered to audition.

The 2021 AMEA Conference will be January 21-23. The conference will be virtual, and to minimize time away from students, will be Thursday and Friday evenings and all day Saturday. This conference promises to be an event you will not want to miss. We will have live-streamed or recorded concerts of exemplary ensembles from our state as well as the live-streamed performance of our All-State Show Choir. Because this conference will be virtual, we have the unique opportunity to offer timely sessions by presenters from not only our state but from around the nation as well. I look forward to seeing you virtually at the conference.

All other spring semester activities are on track to happen as normal. However, your board is evaluating each event, listening to your concerns and recommendations, and considering the safety of our students. We will announce plans for all spring activities by mid-January. As always, please feel free to reach out to your district chair or me whenever you have a concern or idea that will benefit our students.

Warm Regards,

Randall Fields

AVA President

AVA: President’s Address | Fall 2020

President’s Address | Fall 2020

Who would have thought five months ago that the opening of the 2020-2021 academic year would be met with so many uncertainties? I suspect that for most chorus teachers in a “normal” year, the anticipation of our first days of school are filled with excitement over reconnecting with students and colleagues, picking literature for our ensembles, and coming up with engaging lessons. However, I have to admit that this year, my excitement is tinged with fear. What does the opening of school look like? How will I connect with my students? How will I prepare them for the next level? What is going to happen to my program? In fact, we are all entering unknown territory together and being challenged to make connections, teach, and assess learning in ways we never imagined. I hope your Vocal Association will be a valuable resource for you as we all navigate the unknown together.

To meet the changing needs of our organization we have formed a Task Force for Virtual Learning, chaired by Dr. Chris Brown from Foley High School. This task force has already spent many hours curating resources for virtual learning that you might find useful moving forward. These resources include engaging lesson plans, instructional videos, and links to resources featuring best practices for virtual instruction. Chris also created a guide for chorus to return to face to face instruction based on the most current research available.

In the recent board meeting, we identified Essential Standards based on the Alabama Course of Study that are critical to address the minimum skills needed for students to progress. Your board hopes that these will be helpful as you plan lessons for the school year.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to renew your NAfME membership so you and your students are eligible to take full advantage of AVA offerings.

Please check the AVA website for the most up to date calendar information.

Your AVA board has met virtually and face-to-face this summer to plan for the upcoming year, and to revise the AVA Handbook. We will be presenting those plans and revisions at our virtual general membership meeting as part of the Fall Workshop on the afternoon of September 10. Some highlights of our summer board meeting are as follows:

  • Fall Workshop will be September 10. This year’s workshop will be virtual and will be offered to AVA members free of charge. We are planning All State reading sessions, information for new teachers, training for the All State audition process, virtual lesson ideas, and the general membership meeting. Please plan to attend the virtual general membership meeting at 4:00 PM to vote on handbook revisions. Please look for future communications regarding registration for Fall Workshop.
  • All fall AVA activities will be virtual. This includes All State auditions; district level Outstanding Accompanist, Outstanding Choral Student, and Pat Blackwell Music Education auditions and interviews.
  • For now, we are remaining optimistic that spring semester will look more normal. However, your board has worked on contingency plans for the spring events. Please look for a questionnaire from AVA to help us plan for best ways to serve you and your students.
  • We have reinstated the Advocacy Committee. Dr. Khristina Motley from Hillcrest High School will serve as chair. One of the goals of this committee is to connect with educators who may not be fully engaged with the opportunities AVA provides. If you know of personnel changes in schools in your area, will you please help your district chair by sharing contact information. We want to include every chorus teacher who wants to be a part of the organization.

As we move forward, I hope that your vocal association remains as relevant as ever, providing resources for our teachers and educational opportunities of the highest caliber for our students.

Wishing you the best as you begin your school year,


AVA: Reflections on the Year, Anticipations of the Future

AVA: Reflections on the Year, Anticipations of the Future

I could never have imagined that I would be writing my final AMEA article during a time of quarantine. I know we are all desperately missing our students, colleagues, and music-making. I’m so grateful that technology is allowing us all to stay somewhat connected, but I know we all can’t wait for the chance to gather to create music again. The need for community created by our choirs has never been more apparent!

I cannot say thank you enough to all of our participating schools and directors for how you adapted to our new location and did so with grace and positivity. The AVA Board has already been evaluating areas for improvement for next year as we look forward to returning to the BJCC. We welcome any ideas you may have to make next year even better.

Thank you to all of our members who served as Choir Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, Attendance Monitor, or in any other capacity and helped to keep the festival running smoothly. I would also like to specifically thank John Kincaid for his hard work in coordinating our concert site in a brand-new venue!
I would also like to say thank you to Melinda Doyle and the University of Montevallo Concert Choir and Brian Kittredge and the UAB Concert Choir for performing for our convocation. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to expose our students to these wonderful choral programs. We look forward to having more university choirs participate in the future. In addition to these convocation performances, we are also planning for next year to invite university choirs to set up recruitment tables in the Forum building so that our students can have the chance to see what choral opportunities are available to them throughout the state.

Next year’s All-State Festival will be March 4-6, 2021. Again, if you have any ideas for next year’s festival, please let us know.

The 2021 AMEA conference will be January 21-23 in Montgomery. The deadline to submit is June 1. Please do not let the fact that we do not have recordings from SCPA this year deter you. Submit Christmas recordings if that is what you have available! I would hate for us to have a small number of submissions this year simply because we did not have SCPA or spring concerts. Even if you are unsure of your recordings, I would still encourage you to submit.

Fall Workshop
Please mark your calendar now for this year’s Fall Workshop and make plans to attend! It will be on September 11 in Montgomery. At this workshop, we will announce any major decisions that are made during Summer Board and we will review All-State music to prepare for auditions. If you plan on participating in any AVA events next school year, I would strongly encourage you to attend. Also, if you are interested in presenting a short, 30-minute session during the workshop, please let us know. Though we love hearing from our guest clinician, it’s so beneficial to hear from our colleagues who are in the trenches with us every day!

Summer Board
The AVA will meet this summer to review and revise the handbook, approve All-State music, and plan events for this coming year. If you have anything that you would like added to the agenda for the board to discuss, please submit it in writing to Randall at randall.fields.ava@gmail.com before May 29.

AVA Board
As my time as AVA President comes to a close, I want to say again how much the relationships I’ve built while on the board have meant to me. This has been the biggest benefit and blessing to me. In serving on the board, I have had the privilege of getting to know so many of you across the state, an honor that otherwise might have not been possible. I am so thankful for all of you and am honored to serve with such great people. I look forward to continuing to serve you as Vice-President as I support Randall Fields in his new role as AVA President. I’d also like to say thank you to Ginny Coleman she rotates off of the board for her 10 years of service – an entire decade! – to the AVA. Ginny’s leadership has been invaluable to our organization. I have appreciated her efforts to make our organization more transparent and forward-thinking.

Thank you, again, for allowing me to serve as your AVA President. I look forward to seeing you all in September!


AVA: Updates and AMEA Conference Recap

Updates and AMEA Conference Recap

It was great to see many of you at the AMEA conference in January. We had some wonderful performances and sessions and also enjoyed having Michael Hanawalt from Florida State University join us as our clinician. I hope you were all able to take some new strategies and ideas to use with your choirs.

We also enjoyed performances by the Alabama Honor Choir and the Alabama All-State Show Choir. Thank you to all of you who had students audition and participate. The behavior, focus, and work ethic of all of the students was excellent. The Honor Choir learned some excellent repertoire with Dr. Gary Packwood in a really short amount of time and put on a great Friday night concert. The Show Choir’s performance on Saturday morning was definitely a highlight of the conference for me. Thank you to Ginny Coleman and Cameron Weiler for all of their organization and planning and to everyone who helped out behind the scenes.

Bylaw Change

During the general membership meeting at AMEA, the membership voted to change Article VII, Section 7.1 of the AVA Bylaws to read “The Executive Board will appoint All-State adjudicators. Adjudicators will not judge their own students.” The membership asked the AVA board to create qualifications for All-State adjudicators. The board will work on developing the list of qualifications during the AVA summer board meeting and we welcome any feedback from the membership regarding this.

All-State Choral Festival

I am really excited about our move to the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. While I know there will be some kinks to work out, I think that this move is going to open up a lot of opportunities for our students. One of the opportunities that I am most excited about is the ability to invite collegiate-level choirs to perform for our students during our convocation. This year, we are thrilled to have as our guests the University of Alabama and Birmingham Concert Choir under the direction of Dr. Brian Kittredge and the University of Montevallo Concert Choir under the direction of Dr. Melinda Doyle.

Our festival schedule is slightly different this year due to our new location, so please make sure to look at it early and make plans especially for the meal breaks. Thank you to Cathy Spence, director at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in downtown Birmingham, for compiling a list of nearby restaurants for us.

AVA Officer Elections

The AVA Bylaws, Article I, Section 1.1 states “A nominating committee consisting of the current year’s Executive Board will select one qualified candidate (Constitution Article VI, Section 6.1) for the office of President-Elect and one qualified candidate for the office of Recording Secretary. These candidates will be presented to the Board at the AVA board meeting at AMEA. Upon approval, the candidates will be presented at the general membership meeting at AMEA at which time nominations of qualified candidates will be accepted for a predetermined time period. The membership will have time between AMEA and All-State to voice questions and concerns regarding candidates. Officers shall be elected by a plurality of those members present and voting at the All-State general membership meeting.”

The Executive Board has nominated Hilen Wilson for the office of President-Elect and has nominated our current Recording Secretary, Margaret Heron, to remain in her role for another term. Hilen Wilson is currently the choral director at Paul W. Bryant High School and the Tuscaloosa Fine Arts Academy. She is in her seventh year of teaching at the secondary level. Mrs. Wilson has served as the District II Chairman for the Alabama Vocal Association for the last 6 years. Hilen has several years’ experience with the Alabama American Choral Directors Association where she currently serves as the Children’s Choir Repertoire and Resources Chair. She has also served on the Mentoring Committee, Summer Conference Committee, and Student Representative at the state level.

The deadline to make additional nominations is February 20. Nominations may be sent to the AVA board at theavaboard@gmail.com. The vote will take place during the AVA general membership meeting on Friday, March 6 at 8:45am during the All-State Choir Festival.

I hope that your semester is filling with great music and memory making with your students and I look forward to seeing you all very soon at All-State! If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, please contact me at .meg.jones.ava@gmail.com.

Thank you, Meg

AVA: Updates and Upcoming Events

AVA Updates And Upcoming Events

It was great to see many of you at this year’s Fall Workshop. We greatly appreciate Huntingdon College and Dr. Damion Womack for hosting us again this year. Thank you also to everyone who responded to our membership survey. We received wonderfully positive feedback from those in attendance about all of the sessions. Please continue to send us any feedback or ideas for our future workshops. For those who were unable to attend, please see the AVA website for handouts and presentations.

CHANGES FOR 2019-2020
Here are the changes that were shared during our Fall Workshop General Membership Meeting:

All-State Festival student fees were increased to $35 in anticipation of increased costs due to being at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex this year.

The State Choral Performance Assessment adjudication form now includes an auxiliary information form. We hope this form will be useful to the adjudicators in providing relevant feedback. The score spreads on the adjudication form were also adjusted slightly. The minimum point total to receive a superior rating is now 74 points.

The SCPA sight-reading rubric was revised to add the dotted quarter note to the Advanced MS/Intermediate HS level.


All-State auditions are fast approaching. Prior to the auditions, please make sure that your students have all of the required pieces, including “Alabama;” that all of their measures have been numbered; and that their adjudicator forms have been signed by a parent. Also, be certain to follow the instruction pages included in the music packets to ensure that your students are learning the correct notes for your district.

We are continuing to evaluate our All-State audition process in order to make it easier on our judges while also maintaining the integrity, rigor, and low cost of our current format. I shared with the membership at Fall Workshop that we will vote during AMEA to revise our bylaws in order to broaden who is allowed to judge our auditions. A motion will be made to change Article VII, Section 7.1 to read “The Executive Board will determine who serves as All-State audition adjudicators. Adjudicators will not judge their own students.” The handbook currently states that the Executive Board and Past-Presidents will serve as adjudicators. We believe we have qualified, capable, and willing retired directors who could serve as adjudicators in the future, if needed. This change will allow us to utilize those directors.


The Honor Choir Festival will take place during the AMEA conference. You may nominate up to two balanced quartets of your best sight-readers. The clinician for the festival will be Dr. Deana Joseph from Georgia State University. We hope to see great participation from across the state due to the new sight- reading format! There is no screening or preparation required for your students to participate. Register your students, order the music packets, and bring them to the festival to enjoy learning great music with a great clinician!


The 2020 AMEA Conference will be January 16-18 at the Renaissance Montgomery. Our guest clinician will be Dr. Tim Seelig, Artistic Director and Conductor of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. Dr. Seelig, who is said to be known for his enthusiasm and sense of humor, is the author of multiple best-selling books and DVDs on choral technique. I am very excited to be bringing him to Alabama and I hope to see his sessions completely full with AVA members!

Congratulations to all of the choirs who were accepted to perform at the conference. We will have performances from middle school, high school, and collegiate choirs from across the state. It is a great honor to be selected to perform during this state-wide conference, so please be sure to come and support these groups and enjoy the music they are going to share. In addition to these groups, we will also have performances by the Alabama Honor Choir and Alabama All-State Show Choir.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in January. Until then, if I can be of help in any way or if you have any suggestions or ideas, please contact me at meg.jones.ava@gmail.com. See you at AMEA!