HED News!

Beck Halliday

As we approach the end of the 2017-2018 school year, I would like to wish the AMEA membership a happy summer. Many of the institutes of higher education offer professional development and summer programs to develop musicianship in people of all ages. I hope you will visit the websites of our Alabama colleges and universities to see if you and your students can benefit from these opportunities.

The Higher Education Division continues to grow and develop as we strengthen our collaboration with the Collegiate Division. Our combined mixer and the HED recitals at the AMEA conferences have given faculty and students opportunities to interact in a variety of settings. In addition, our membership throughout the state continues to grow as more faculty members see the benefits of joining our organization. During my time as President, I have enjoyed working with the HED and the AMEA Executive Council, and I look forward to supporting the vision of the incoming officers: Mildred Lanier, President; Katrina Phillips, President-Elect, and Secretary-Treasurer Michael Zelenak.